Healthy Habits: Summer-ready Skin

This week's healthy habit is getting your skin ready for the summer days ahead.

We often give all our love and attention to our facial skincare - which is of course, extremely important - but it is easy to forget to take good care of the skin on the rest of our body and give it the TLC that it needs, particularly coming in to summer when we hope to have our legs out every day of the week!

Give your skin a quick refresh and a new radiance with a good exfoliation and moisturise, and just watch the healthy glow appear. If you are a self-tan wearer, the new self-tan erasers are fantastic to help remove any leftover tan ahead of a new application.

Once you have exfoliate and erased any fake tan, be sure to moisturise the extra-dry spots (elbows, knees, knuckles, ankles) before applying a fresh layer of tan so it will look even and natural. Our ambassador Martina filmed a really helpful reel showing her process before, during and after her self-tan application, check it out here for some extra tips.

Your local StayWell Pharmacy has a great range of products for getting your skin ready for summer, from various self-tan formulas (if you are a mousse, lotion or a gradual tan person), to self-tan erasers (Cocoa Brown have two great options) and gorgeous rich moisturisers (try Aveeno Dermexa for super dry spots) to get your skin looking less dragon-scale-like and more glowing goddess!

Don't forget that most self-tanning products do not contain SPF, so be sure to apply a good SPF (at least SPF30+) on top to protect your skin before you prance along the prom to your heart's content. And whatever you do, don't forget to hydrate! 

Pop into your local StayWell Pharmacy to pick up all the essential products you need to pamper your skin for the sunny days ahead. Why not check out our Instagram ahead of time to make your wishlist?